Licensing Mental Health First Aid for your country

Our approach to the delivery of the MHFA suite of programs outside of Australia is through licensee agreements with non-profit organisations that are able to meet the following criteria:

Sustaining and tailoring the MHFA Australia curriculum

The organisation must have a funding model that provides necessary start-up funding to cover up to 12 months of operations costs which allows the required time to tailor, translate and develop teaching materials and roll out pilot courses suitable for the local context.

Ability to deliver to
a large population

The organisation has sufficient capacity (including organisational/corporate service supports) to deliver the MHFA program nationally, rather than just in one city or region.

Conduct rigorous
scientific evaluations

Preferably have a relationship with either a University or relevant government body that would be able to conduct an evaluation of the MHFA training when it is rolled out in the country.

Further information about the steps involved in adapting the MHFA Australia Program for another country

License MHFA for your country