MHFA Guidelines

MHFA Guidelines

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In order to improve the quality of the mental health first aid techniques being taught to the public in MHFA courses, MHFA Australia and researchers at the Population Mental Health Group at the University of Melbourne have developed guidelines on what constitutes best practice first aid, as informed by expert consensus (i.e., consensus-based guidelines). MHFA Course curriculum in face to face and eLearning is based on these guidelines. View all published research on MHFA Course development (i.e., MHFA Guidelines development). Download Here.

The MHFA International Manual

MHFA International Manual

First Edition. Published 2015

This manual is most relevant to people living in developed countries, which have established mental health care systems equivalent in standard to those in Australia and where the culture could be described as Western. This Mental Health First Aid International Manual is based on the 3rd edition Standard Australian Mental Health First Aid Manual, with an additional chapter on Eating Disorders adapted from the 3rd edition Australian Youth Mental Health First Aid Manual. Information specifically related to the Australian context has been replaced by equivalent international information. Buy Online.